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Posts by Jocelyn Brewer

Supporting students’ transition to a BYOD high school.

The transition to high school can be a wobbly one for some young people. While there they’re a range of high school transition resources and orientation programs around, no two schools manage this process in the same way and even from year-to-year — sometimes with new year advisors starting with the new cohort, the process…

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Here’s an alternative to banning smartphones in high schools

Over the last several years the commentary on kids and their smartphones has grown exponentially. And with it so has the moral panic. Every adult who’s ever created a Facebook account has opinions on what kids should be doing to overcome their alleged ‘addiction’ to devices that are, in most cases, gifted by parents and…

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5 rebuttals to *that* smartphone article in The Atlantic

This guy used to freak me waaaay out. Confirmation bias sells better than sex when it comes to talking about young people and their smartphones. {EDIT: Feb 1, 2018 – so now there are 9} Oh, you’ve noticed humans using phones en masse? Well done, you officially have eyes.  But leaping to conclusions about what…

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Screenager-bashing wont make them happy and sporty

​Another day, another tired old screenager-bashing op-ed by some out-of-touch old white guy – this time one spruiking the state government’s $100 Active Kids rebate in a thinly veiled advertorial for bringing back 1950’s style sporting choices on Saturdays. Beyond failing to cite any research on the apparent link between obesity or suicidality and young people’s…

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Why I’m not sharing my baby’s image on social media

​Research suggests that kids born today will have nearly 100 photos shared online by the time they turn 5. There’s a bunch of emerging issues that arise out of ‘sharenting’ – the sharing of our parenting moments with our online community – many of which relate to emerging aspects of digital etiquette and cyberpsychology. My partner and…

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Introducing Virtual Vitamins

I’ve been talking about balanced use of technology in terms of Digital Nutrition for about three years now*. When I was invited to speak at the 2016 DigCit Summit at Twitter HQ in San Francisco, I really wanted to present something completely new and launch the next logical step in the Digital Nutrition concept –…

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